Arcadia, CA – Gary L. Rotkop, a member of The Esquire Network (TEN) and an experienced attorney, led a comprehensive two-part seminar titled “10 Things that Need to be in Your Retainer Agreement” on October 11th and December 14th. The seminar was moderated by Ashley A. Andrews and hosted by TEN Arcadia and provided valuable insights to fellow attorneys on crafting effective retainer agreements.

Rotkop, known for his expertise in corporate and healthcare law, shared his extensive knowledge and practical tips on the key elements that should be included in every retainer agreement. The seminar covered topics such as clearly defining the scope of work, establishing fees and payment terms, outlining termination clauses, and protecting the interests of both the attorney and the client.

Attendees praised the seminar for its informative content and actionable advice. The seminar was well-attended by attorneys from various practice areas, highlighting the universal importance of retainer agreements in the legal profession. Rotkop’s engaging teaching style and real-world examples resonated with the audience, making the seminar both informative and enjoyable.

TEN continues to offer valuable educational resources to its members, fostering a collaborative environment for professional development and growth.